Brain Injuries

Along with damage to the spinal cord, injuries to the head and brain are among the most serious types of personal injury that can occur. Individuals who suffer head or traumatic brain injuries can become paralyzed or develop cognitive difficulties such as memory loss or behavioral and emotional changes. Other symptoms can include consistent headaches and neck pain, blurred vision, and dizziness. If you have a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain or head injury, Brent J. Rhodes can help you.

Types of Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries can be caused by either closed or open head injuries. Closed head injuries occur when a blunt object or abrupt movement causes the brain to hit the inside of the skull. These types of injuries often can cause conditions such as swelling and hemorrhaging that the victim may not be aware of at first but if left untreated, can lead to severe brain damage.

Open head injuries occur when an object penetrates through the skull bone or when the skull is fractured. The brain can be damaged from the foreign object or from a piece of the skull bone. Individuals who suffer open brain injuries are at an additional risk of the area becoming infected.

Both open and closed head injuries can cause traumatic brain injuries that in severe cases result in debilitating and life-altering conditions. If you have a loved one who has suffered a head or traumatic brain injury, the attorneys at our practice are committed to providing compassionate counsel and aggressive legal representation. Although no amount of money can cover the pain and grief caused by these accidents, we will work to secure maximum financial compensation to help defray the costs of medical care, lost wages, and other damages. Contact Brent J. Rhodes for a thorough review of your case.

Brain and Head Injury Causes

Some of the most common causes of head and traumatic brain injuries include car, truck, and motorcycle accidents. These injuries can be sustained if the victim's head strikes the inside of the vehicle or breaks through the windshield.

In other instances, head and traumatic brain injuries can result from trip and fall or slip and fall accidents if the victim's head strikes the ground. If these accidents occur on property that belongs to another party and were caused by the property owner's negligence, then a premises liability lawsuit can be filed. Gunshot wounds and acts of violence can also cause head and traumatic brain injuries. In all cases, Brent J. Rhodes will work to ensure that justice is served and that responsible parties are held accountable for their actions.