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Child suffers burn injuries from ‘Hatchimals’ bath bomb

This time of year, parents in Louisiana are scouring the stores and Internet for this year’s “must have” toys. One popular toy this holiday season are “Hatchimals” toys and other “Hatchimals” products. Parents, of course, expect that the toys they buy for their children to use are safe. However, one child was reportedly as suffering chemical burns after taking a bath with a “Hatchimals” bath bomb.

According to the child’s mother, she complied with the directions printed on the packaging when she put the bath bomb in the bathtub. After the child was in the tub, it only took approximately 45 seconds for the child to complain her skin hurt. Further examination revealed what appeared to be chemical burns. The child was not holding the bath bomb when the incident occurred, and had used bath bombs in the past with no ill effect.

The company that produces the “Hatchimals” bath bombs is reportedly investigating the particular batch number of the product that injured the child. It has stated that it may recall the product after receiving a number of complaints. Spin Master, which is the “Hatchimals” parent company, is also investigating the incident in cooperation with the licensee company.

Unfortunately, shoddy products make their way to store shelves far too often. A defective product could cause burn injuries, such as this one reportedly did. Afterwards, a company might recall the defective product, but a recall often comes too little too late for those already injured. Those who receive burn injuries due to defective products may want to work with an attorney, to determine what steps to take next.

Source: Fox News, “Mom claims Hatchimals bath bomb gave daughter chemical burns,” Dec. 15, 2017