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Brain injuries often go beyond a mere bump on the head

Whether one slips on a wet floor in a grocery store, plays a high-impact sport or falls off a ladder at work, a brain injury can change one’s life forever. In fact, when it comes to brain injury recovery, it could take months or even years for a person to regain their former health, if they do at all. Therefore, it is important for people in Louisiana to understand just how far-reaching a brain injury can be.

First, a brain injury goes far beyond a mere bump on the head. It can cause other conditions such as endocrine disorders, seizures, Parkinson’s disease, dementia and cognitive decline. As this shows, those who suffer from brain injuries may find that their injury manifests itself in different ways throughout the course of their life.

Most of the scientific research on brain injuries has covered what happens within the initial 90 minutes of the injury. While this research is very important, there also needs to be research on the avalanche of things that can happen that could up the potential of morbidity and mortality. For many, the recovery from a brain injury is slow and irregular, and can cause medical issues that are chronic and could even last a lifetime.

While the initial aftermath of a brain injury can be overwhelming, many people are not prepared for the fact that their injury could affect them for the rest of their life.When a brain injury is caused due to another’s negligence, the injured victim may wish to pursue legal action against the responsible party. Through a personal injury lawsuit, victims of brain injuries can seek compensation for the damages they suffered. A personal injury attorney can provide an honest assessment of their client’s situation, so their client can make informed decisions.

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