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Chemical burn injuries can have long-lasting effects

People in Houma can be exposed to dangerous chemicals in a variety of ways. They may work at jobs which involve handling dangerous chemicals, or they may even be exposed to dangerous chemicals in the home, for example, in certain cleaning agents. However, should a person be negligently exposed to a dangerous chemical and suffer a chemical burn, the situation can be very serious.

Depending on how severe the burn is, there are certain medical treatments that may be required. The victim may need antibiotics or medication to control itching. Serious burns may also require debridement, a procedure in which dead tissue and dirt is washed away from the burn. Some burns require a skin graft. In a skin graft, healthy skin tissue from a different area of the victim’s body is attached to the area of the victim’s body that was burned. Some victims of burns will also need to receive fluids intravenously.

Especially severe burns will require burn rehabilitation. Some of these treatments involve replacing the burned skin and treatment that aims to manage the pain the burn victim experiences. Some burn victims will need cosmetic surgery. In addition, victims of chemical burns may need occupational therapy in order to be able to perform everyday tasks. Being burned can be emotionally distressing, so a burn victim may need counseling as well. Some severe burns necessitate long-term care at a medical center that specializes in burns.

Even with treatment, victims of severe chemical burns may still develop serious complications with regards to their burns. They may suffer disfigurement. They may have to have an amputation. Their burn could get infected. They could be scarred. Muscle and skin tissue may be permanently damaged. They could become depressed and they could experience debilitating flashbacks and nightmares.

As this shows, suffering from chemical burn injuries can have serious and long-lasting effects. If a person was burned due to the negligence of another, he or she may wish to learn more about what legal options are available in such circumstances.

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