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3 tips for choosing a personal injury attorney in Louisiana

For some people, just the mention of the words “personal injury attorney” conjures up images of obnoxious and aggressive lawyers who bombard potential clients with loud TV ads and promises that seem impossible to fulfill. This is a shame, because there are committed and hard-working personal injury attorneys in Louisiana who are truly invested in helping their clients find justice.

Before dismissing all personal injury attorneys as the same, have a look at these three tips for choosing the right lawyer for your case. You should not feel discouraged by the myths you may have heard about taking legal action. You have rights, and they should be protected by a strong advocate who will work on your behalf.

1. Don’t assume you need to get a “big city” attorney

Just because an attorney practices in one of the major Louisiana cities does not necessarily mean he or she is the most qualified. There are many personal injury attorneys working in smaller cities like Houma who can provide top-notch legal services and help you find a successful settlement. In fact, attorneys working outside of big cities often report high job satisfaction, which translates directly into their work with clients. 

2. Schedule a personal consultation before choosing

The convenience of the internet allows for making choices about service providers quicker than ever before. However, when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney, it is best to have an actual in-person consultation to ask the questions you want to ask and get a feel for whether you would work well with the attorney. You can ask the attorney about his or her qualifications, including membership in the Louisiana State Bar Association and Louisiana Association for Justice, as well as more prestigious groups such as the Million Dollar Advocates Forum. You can also ask about the attorney’s experience at trial and examples of successful settlements.

3. Find a lawyer who handles your type of injury

Another way to narrow down your choice is to find a personal injury attorney who has experience with cases involving the same type of injury you have suffered. A qualified personal injury attorney will likely have experience with a wide range of injuries, including neck and back injuries, brain injuries, amputations and many other catastrophic injuries that can result from accidents.

If you invest time in selecting a personal injury attorney who suits your needs, you will benefit in the long run. The right attorney can help you build a strong case and be a professional and reassuring guide through a very difficult time.