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3 road hazards that motorcyclists should be aware of

There are many hazards on the road that drivers need to be aware of. It is even more important that motorcyclists be aware of these same risks, as they can often be more vulnerable to dangerous road conditions. 

The following are three examples of risks that motorcyclists might be particularly vulnerable to. A motorcyclist who has been in an accident because of road hazards or another driver’s negligence should get medical treatment and explore the possibility of legal options.

1. Poorly maintained roads

In a car, a poorly maintained road might be a little jarring to drive through. On a motorcycle, though, the same road can prove to be a serious hazard. Potholes and bumps in the road can cause a motorcycle to lose traction, making them extremely dangerous. According to Motorbike Writer, bumps can be even more treacherous to motorcyclists than potholes in the road because they can affect the bike’s suspension and steering.

2. Construction zones

Construction zones provide yet another source of danger for motorcyclists. There may be blocked off lanes or road shoulders, uneven pavement, loose gravel and stop-and-go traffic, for example. It is vital that motorcyclists pay attention to any and all warning signs and other notices indicating that a construction zone may be ahead. Being aware is the best defense against accidents.

3. Debris on the road

Sometimes there is debris on the road that further puts motorcyclists at risk. A vehicle may run over a piece of tractor-trailer tire on the highway with no consequences, but if a motorcycle hits it, the resulting accident could be fatal. Trash, bits of glass or metal from a crash, or something larger such as a tool that falls of a truck can be just as deadly. A rider must be constantly watching for objects on the road.