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3 free apps that help prevent distracted driving

Distracted driving takes many forms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that there are three types of distracted driving: Visual distraction pertains to removing your eyes from the road, cognitive distraction involves taking your mind off the act of driving and manual distraction involves you taking your hands off the wheel.

Responding to a text message falls into each of the above categories. Taking your eyes off the road for even a couple seconds can result in a car accident. That is why it is important for parents to consider installing apps on their teenagers’ phones, as well as their own phones, to lessen the likelihood of a collision. 

1. Down for the Count

The Down for the Count app allows teens to drive safely while earning money. In 60 seconds, they can create a pledge campaign where they commit to driving safely for a set number of miles. A sponsor, usually the parents, agree to pay a certain amount of money. When driving, teens activate the app, and as long as they do not check their phone on the journey, they receive time and miles toward the goal. Once they reach the goal, they get a payout. 

2. OneTap

Teens and their parents can avoid distracted driving with the aid of OneTap. The app can tell when the driver is in motion and will deactivate all incoming messages and calls. Friends and family will receive a notification that you are behind the wheel. 

3. LifeSaver

Parents around Louisiana and the rest of the United States have discovered the advantages of LifeSaver. Once installed, parents can make sure their kids remain safe while driving. Parents can lock their teenagers’ phones and check in to make sure they drive safely, knowing once the kids arrive at their destinations safely. Parents can invite their friends and colleagues to join in on staying protected.