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What types of burn injuries could one suffer in the workplace?

Sometimes, a person is burned while at home, perhaps, by touching a hot stove or receiving an electrical shock when replacing a light fixture. However, the home is not the only place where burn injuries can occur. People in Louisiana suffer burns in the workplace. There a variety of burns a person could suffer while on-the-job.

One type of burn is a thermal burn. Thermal burns involve hot fluids, exposed flames, explosions and hot objects. To avoid a thermal burn, employers need to provide their workers with protective clothing and equipment. Employers should also train workers on fire prevention tactics. Employers should also have plans that can be implemented if a fire is detected.

Another type of burn is a chemical burn. These burns are sustained when a worker’s eyes or skin touch materials that contain acids, bases or other substances that are caustic or corrosive. Some examples of substances in the workplace that could subject a worker to a chemical burn include industrial-strength cleaners or laboratory or manufacturing chemicals. Employers should ensure its employees have a good understanding of Hazard Communication.

A third type of burn is an electric burn. This occurs when an electric current runs through a worker’s body. Employers should make sure that there are clear signs and markings in high-voltage areas. Employers should also provide workers with the proper protective equipment, and they should ensure their employees are trained in identifying how to avoid electrical burns.

If employers do not take the safety measures necessary to protect workers from burns, and a worker is burned while on-the-job, the worker could suffer significant damages. Burn injuries are incredibly painful and could take many treatments to recover from, resulting in significant medical expenses. A burn injury victim may be unable to work for a long time, resulting in lost wages. The victim’s relationship with their loved ones may suffer, leading to loss of consortium. There are other damages a burn victim could suffer as well. Therefore, those burned while on-the-job will want to determine what their legal rights are, so they can purse the option they feel is most appropriate for them.