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Pedestrian accidents plaguing major state university

Although some dispute that it is a particular problem, there are many students and others on the campus at Louisiana State University who feel that the area is simply not safe for pedestrians and bicyclists. Over the past 5 years, over 40 pedestrians have been hit by cars in just about as many accidents. Most of these victims, about two-thirds, were students.

Some of these injuries have been quite serious. In one case from earlier this year, a young woman suffered serious brain injuries after getting hit, including a tear to her brain. She struggled with significant memory loss, to the point where should was not able to remember the names of her own relatives. She had to miss a semester of school because of her injuries.

The woman was one of several victims of this accident, which happened at a crosswalk near the campus. Two other victims suffered brain concussions, and one of these two also suffered from some bleeding in the area of the brain.

In a separate pedestrian accident, a woman suffered a spinal cord injury and had to be put in to a coma for a couple of weeks.

Except for handful of hit-and-run accidents, police have ordinarily cited those drivers who have been responsible for hitting pedestrians. The citations include drunk driving as well as taking an improper turn and failure to yield. Still, some wonder why law enforcement and others are not doing more to stop dangerous driving on campus before someone gets hurt

Those who have been victims of pedestrian accidents, either on campus or otherwise, likely have legal options available to them. They may, for instance, be able to get compensation through the filing of a personal injury lawsuit.