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Even a mild brain injury can cause serious issues

Doctors classify traumatic brain injuries as mild, moderate and severe, depending on the extent and scope of the person’s injury.

However, a Houma, Louisiana, resident should not get confused by these labels in to thinking that someone who has suffered a mild brain injury is thereby going to be okay or has just had the equivalent of a bruise or a cut.

Even mild brain injuries can have serious consequences that can leave a person needing ongoing medical attention as well as some time off of work. For instance, a person with a minor concussion can experience periodic headaches and dizzy spells. They can also have trouble speaking and face problems with their sleep patterns. Finally, many people with mild brain injuries will have heightened sensitivity to bright light and loud noises.

On a deeper level, a person with this sort of injury can also experience problems with concentrating or retaining information. They may also struggle with anxiety and depression and even have unexplained changes in mood.

Depending on what one’s line of work is, these sorts of symptoms can spell days, weeks or even months being laid up and unable to earn a living. In any event, they require medical care, which in turn means medical bills.

Although one should be thankful that it was not worse, a mild brain injury is no light matter and should be taken very seriously. Those who have suffered this sort of brain injury on account of another’s negligence may have legal options to them for recovering their expenses. These expenses can include medical bills and lost wages, as well as compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.