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Record-breaking holiday travel season continues

A previous post on this blog from about a month ago talked about how America’s currently strong economy is inspiring many more Americans to hit the road over the major winter holidays this year. This previous post predicted a very busy Thanksgiving travel season, particularly with respect to motor vehicle traffic.

At least according to one major organization, it appears that this busy travel season is going to continue in to Christmas and the other winter holidays. The American Automobile Association, or AAA, is predicting that 102.1 million people will travel to their holiday destinations by car this year, an increase in 4.4 percent over last year.

Motorists make up the vast majority of the one-third of all Americans who are planning to travel at some point over the next week or two, and these travelers will collectively be the largest group of those making a holiday journey since the AAA started tracking this statistic in 2001.

While the fact people are able to afford to travel to visit loved ones or to take a much-needed vacation is a positive, more people on the road also presents safety issues. More cars logically means a higher possibility of accidents, and it also means that traffic jams will be more common.

With traffic jams comes the possibility of road rage or even lower-level impatience that can lead to carelessness behind the wheel. Moreover, an unexpected traffic clog on the road can easily take an inattentive or distracted driver by surprise.

All motorists in and around the Houma, Louisiana, area need to remember their serious obligation to do what they can to avoid car accidents this holiday season. Those who have the misfortune of being involved in a car accident over the next few weeks may have legal options available to them for recovering compensation for any injuries they suffer.