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Do you know how to spot the signs of brain trauma?

While brain trauma is not something anyone wishes to think about or consider, the truth is that it is a very common result of car crashes. Many traumatic brain injuries are immediately identifiable during treatment for injuries following the crash. However, there are some brain injuries that have more subtle symptoms and can show up in the hours, days, and even weeks or months after the crash.

If you recently had a car crash and walked away unhurt and thus did not seek any medical treatment, you should still stay vigilant for any signs or symptoms of brain trauma. The reason you need to look out for these specific symptoms is that they may appear harmless and you may underestimate their seriousness. This puts your health in jeopardy because it could lead to delayed treatment. An undetected traumatic brain injury can put you at further risk for complications.

Signs and symptoms of delayed-onset brain trauma

There are many symptoms, both physical as well as psychological, that can indicate a brain injury. These symptoms do not always appear right after a car crash. One of the most typical brain traumas is a concussion. Signs of a concussion include headaches, visual difficulties, dizziness and balance issues, as well as cognitive difficulties including confusion, speech trouble or memory loss. When these signs and symptoms occur following a car crash, you should not underestimate them. It is important to seek medical treatment to diagnose possible brain trauma.

Brain trauma and car crashes

Another reason you should stay alert to possible signs of brain trauma is that if these symptoms come after a car crash and the other driver was at fault, you may need to seek compensation for your injuries. There is no reason you should be responsible for paying medical bills following a car crash when the injuries came through no fault of your own. In cases where the other driver was negligent or there were other factors that led to your crash, such as a safety hazard that the state’s highway system is responsible for, you need to seek the appropriate compensation to cover your medical bills and any loss of wages that resulted. This is your right under the law following a car crash injury.