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Theoretically, Louisiana is a safe state to drive in

According to one group devoted to highway safety, Louisiana is, or at least should be, a pretty safe place for motorists to drive. This is because this state has enacted a number of laws that, in the opinion of this group, make for safer roads and highways.

Some of these laws are designed to reduce the chance of injury after a car accident or other motor vehicle accident happens.

For instance, Louisiana has a law that requires all passengers to wear a seat belt; the law also gives the police authority to stop a vehicle if the officer notices non-compliance with this law, even if the motorist is otherwise operating safely. Louisiana also his strict rules about motorcyclists wearing helmets.

Other laws that are on this group’s wish list include laws against distracted driving and a vigorous graduated licensing system for teen drivers. In the case of the latter, Louisiana does fall short somewhat.

According to this report, the state allows teens to get a learner’s permit before they turn 16 and also gives 16-year-olds relatively unfettered driving privileges after they get their licenses. The group prefers a stricter graduated licensing system.

The report also noted that Louisiana does not have a law prohibiting a driver from allowing open containers of alcohol in the passenger compartment of the car.

Still, the news is generally good for this state in that it seems our lawmakers are taking the steps necessary to protect drivers, passengers and others who use Louisiana’s roads.

Whether people actually follow these laws is of course another matter. When they do not, and when an accident results, victims in the Houma area may be able to use the other driver’s law violation as evidence that they are entitled to compensation.