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Alleged intoxicated driver involved in fatal accident

A man from an area about 70 miles north of Houma is facing criminal charges for his role in a recent fatal accident.

According to police, the driver who is now facing charges crossed over the center line of a state highway. His pickup truck wound up in the way of a passenger vehicle coming from the opposite direction. As a result of the ensuing head-on collision, the driver of the passenger vehicle died despite the fact he was wearing his seatbelt. The victim was 30 years old.

The driver of the pickup suffered minor injuries, while his passenger was hospitalized with what police described as moderate injuries. The driver has since been released from the hospital and was taken to jail, where he faces an aggravated DWI charge as well as a charge of vehicular homicide. It is the man’s third drunk driving offense.

Police are basing the charges on the fact that they performed standard testing for drugs and alcohol because of the serious nature of the accident. They determined from that testing that the driver of the pickup was likely impaired and his impairment contributed to this crash.

Obviously, the family of the man who lost his life is devastated and may be suffering financially because of his sudden death. This tragic case is all the worse since it seems so preventable, as people are warned time and again about the dangers of intoxicated driving. After the initial shock of their loved one’s death wears off, the family may want to consider whether they wish to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

While it will not bring their loved one back, a legal claim may serve further to hold this driver accountable for his actions and may help ensure that the family has the financial support it needs.