Your Advocate In Serious Injury Claims

Do you have to sue when you get in a car accident?

Lawsuits have become a normal part of American society. The risk of someone suing you is high when you consider all the reasons for filing, from creditors trying to collect debts to difficult neighbors refusing to cooperate over a simple property matter. These cases often get a bad light, making you not want to ever go down that route.

Then you get into a car accident, and the damage is pretty extensive. You may even sustain a serious injury. Is the “nice” thing to do just walk away and rely on your insurance claim, or should you sue the other driver?

How compensation works in motor vehicle accidents

Your first step is to pursue compensation from your insurance provider. You can also file a claim with the other driver’s provider if the person has auto insurance. If the company will not pay, then you may have to sue the driver. However, the purpose of a lawsuit is to obtain the full financial compensation you need to cover all types of losses, not to get revenge.

Why you need the compensation

Perhaps you may still feel uncomfortable with the idea of having to take things to court. The settlement insurance companies offer you may sound inviting, and accepting them would mean the end to the stressful, complicated matter.

Insurers count on you to feel this way because it means they can pay you less than what you actually qualify for under the circumstances. However, it is too soon to tell the complete physical and financial impact the accident will have. It takes time for some symptoms to show and to get an idea of how long it will take you to recover.

Medical bills easily pile up, and if you cannot go to work due to your injury, you will have trouble paying them, as well as other monetary obligations and daily expenses. Do not short change yourself just to be polite. It is appropriate to take care of your own needs.