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Airbag vests and other new motorcyclist safety features

Spring is the time of year when we begin to see more motorcyclists out and about. Motorcycles are great fun, but riders are always vulnerable to collisions with cars and trucks.

Here are five of the latest safety innovations to help keep motorcyclists safe.

1. Wearable airbags

You know how important airbags are for your car. Now, there are vests with built-in airbags for motorcycle riders. When the accompanying sensors detect an impending collision, the airbag will deploy to protect your chest and vital organs.

2. Great helmet upgrades

Look for the latest helmets designed with built-in GPS systems and cameras that show a rear view, allowing you to see what is coming up from behind.

3. New boot technology

If you are new to motorcycle riding, you may not realize how important boots are. In a crash, your feet and ankles could sustain severe injuries. Flexible impact technology makes boots safer by absorbing the impact in a crash and providing greater protection for your feet.

4. LED lights

Think about adding LED lights to your motorcycle. You will enjoy a clearer view ahead, and you and your motorcycle will be more visible to motorists. You can also find helmets with LED lighting for greater visibility.

5. Better stability

At one time or another, you have probably wished for more control when turning or going around a sharp curve. New stability control systems for motorcycles analyze data about lean angles and traction to provide just the right amount of acceleration or braking, making your turns safer.

Staying safe

Although motorcycle riders have the same rights as motorists, they have far less protection and can suffer devastating injuries if there is a collision. If you are a rider, consider the latest safety innovations, both for your bike and your wearing apparel. Enjoy our fine Louisiana weather and feel more confident about your safety on the road.