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How car fires commonly start

One of the scariest things that can happen while on the road is for a car or truck to catch on fire. Since vehicles have lots of flammable fluid in them and also have material that burns quickly, cars and trucks quickly get engulfed in flames. Oftentimes, those inside or even near the vehicle that catches fire suffer severe burn injuries as a result.

The top four reasons for car fires are engines that overheat, leaks of flammable fluids, electrical failures and trouble in the fuel system. The next two most common causes of car fires are failed catalytic converters or problems with the batteries that power electric and hybrid vehicles. While these issues alone may not actually cause a fire, they often contribute to fires that follow accidents.

To some extent, these and other common reasons for fires are related either to a design flaw or the vehicle owner’s failure to keep the vehicle in proper working order. In some cases, like that of an overheating engine, it may be that the driver chose to keep operating the vehicle after a warning light came on.

However, the impact of a serious motor vehicle crash in and of itself is another common cause for a car fire. Even a well-designed, well-maintained vehicle may catch fire if struck at a high speed. Unfortunately, these types of car fires can be especially dangerous since a victim may already be trapped in a vehicle or not able to move due to injuries.

No matter the cause, victims of burns from Louisiana traffic accidents should remember that they may have legal options available to them after they suffer their injuries.