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Avoiding wet weather car accidents

One thing that is certain about car accidents in the Houma area is they occur in rain or shine. The weather has an impact on road conditions and safety and is something that all motorists should take into consideration when driving. Even with careful planning, some motor vehicle collisions happen due to a combination of factors that include wet pavements, distractions, inebriation, poor road/traffic conditions and mechanical defects. 

Moisture on the roads reduces the friction tires need to maintain contact with the roads. Excessive speeds and other factors make it harder for drivers to maintain control over their safety, leading them to slide into other vehicles. Accident victims who sustain injuries in collisions involving wet weather and multiple vehicles are more likely to face longer recoveries. Most wet weather motor vehicle collisions are preventable with the following tactics. 

Maintain slower speeds 

Speed limits are posted in most areas to regulate traffic and discourage motorists from speeding. Even so, some motorists drive faster than what is safe for the road conditions and speed limit, thus endangering everyone on the roads around them. Reducing speeds when it is raining and when the pavement is wet provides motorists with more time to safely maneuver their vehicles, avoid hazards and prevent collisions that result in injuries. 

Increase travel space between vehicles 

Cars and trucks are heavy objects with reduced traction that are more likely to slide and accelerate in speed on wet pavements when stopping once their tires encounter moisture on the roads. Even new tires and modern brake systems are not enough to prevent the risk of collision on wet pavements because there is an increase in stopping time. Drivers should travel a distance of two to three cars behind the vehicle in front of them to allow for sufficient time to stop safely, especially if quick and sudden driving actions are necessary. 

Wet weather presents several different risks for motorists. Careful attention to the roads, proper driving behavior and preventative wet weather driving actions can increase safety, reduce the frequency of collision and reduce the likelihood of serious injuries.