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Parents agree texting and driving is bad, but they do it anyway

Louisiana residents may be interested to know that according to a recent study, most parents, even those of the millennial generation, can admit that texting and driving is dangerous behavior. Among millennials, over half, 52 percent, of the parents surveyed indicated that they thought it would never be safe to try to send or receive a text while they are trying to drive. Among parents from Generation X and beyond, 58 percent said that the behavior was never acceptable.

However, as the results of the survey showed, the parents themselves do not always follow through on their own thoughts and feelings about the matter. Two out of three parents admitted to texting and driving, at least by reading text messages while behind the wheel. Over half said that they had actually composed text messages while driving.

According to one of the study’s authors, modern society places a premium on people being available. This means that parents feel a lot of pressure to respond both to their employers and professional colleagues as well as their family members. These drivers may feel texting and driving is okay in certain situations, especially if they have been able to get away with occasionally texting and driving in the past.

However, the reality is that any form of distracted driving, specifically texting and driving, is a potential setup for a serious car accident. In other words, whenever someone takes his or her mind or eyes off the road, or his or her hands off the wheel, he or she is putting the lives of others at risk. If the result of a Houma, Louisiana, driver’s inattentiveness is a major car accident, then the driver can, and should, be held accountable.