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Everyday products can cause chemical burns

Many residents of Louisiana may realize that chemical burns can happen at industrial facilities and other places where powerful chemical combinations get used as part of the daily routine. Indeed, workers and others each year do suffer chemical burn injuries under these circumstances.

However, even those who are visiting a private residence run some risk of suffering a chemical burn. For example, everyday household cleaners, like bleach, drain de-clogging chemicals and other supplies, one can find on the shelves of a big box store or a hardware store can cause serious burns.

Likewise, even products used for one’s body, like certain skin treatments or commercial beauty products, can in some cases, cause chemical burns. For those residents of the Houma area who like to do home improvement projects or work on cars, some of the chemicals they may encounter could likewise cause burning.

While many chemical burns are, thankfully, easy to treat, they do tend to affect vulnerable parts of the body, including the face and the eyes. The burning of one’s interior organs is also possible if the toxic chemical gets inhaled or swallowed.

In the most severe cases, symptoms can include serious breathing problems, heart problems and dangerously low blood pressure. A bad chemical burn can cause one’s heart to stop, which is of course, a life-threatening condition.

Frequently, chemical burns are not the fault of the victim. In some cases, the product itself, or its packaging, could be defective. In other cases, perhaps, the warning labels were inadequate, unclear or non-existent. In still other cases, such as when one is visiting another person’s home or business, the owner may negligently leave the chemical in a place where it is likely to spill or to come in to the reach of curious children.