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Drunk driving deaths down in Louisiana

According to a recent report, the number of deaths due to drunk driving is declining in this state.

The report compared the number of deaths due to drunk driving in Louisiana in 2017, the last year statistics were available, and the same number from 2000.

In 2000, 354 people died on Louisiana roads in a car accident where at least one driver had blood alcohol content of greater than .08. In 2017, that number was down to 212. Overall, the fatality rate due to drunk driving accidents dropped in Louisiana by slightly over 40 percent during the past two decades.

When compared to other states, these numbers suggest that Louisiana’s efforts to prevent drunk driving through education and law enforcement are paying off to some degree. Among the states, Louisiana enjoyed the 10th largest decrease in its fatality rate, placing it well above average.

On the other hand, the fact that in the last two years, over 200 people lost their lives in this state due to drunk driving suggests that Louisiana still has improvements to make. By now, almost every driver or would-be driver should realize that drunk driving is dangerous and is never acceptable. In reality, people should never die or get seriously hurt as a result of this sort of irresponsible behavior.

Should a Louisiana family lose a loved one to a drunk driving accident, they may have legal options available to them, including the option to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the responsible driver. In drunk driving cases, punitive damages may be available. At a minimum, a victim’s family should be able to collect for medical bills, lost wages and compensation for non-economic damages like pain and suffering.