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4 signs road rage may have contributed to a car crash

Like many of your friends and family members, you drive to work every day. Fortunately, most mornings and evenings you reach your destination without incident. If you encounter an angry driver, though, you may find yourself in the middle of a serious collision.

According to some estimates, more than half of traffic fatalities involve aggressive driving. While you cannot control the emotions of other drivers, you should understand how road rage may put your life in jeopardy. Here are four signs that road rage may have contributed to an automobile collision: 

1. Speed 

Speed is often a contributing factor in automobile accidents. Still, aggressive drivers often disregard posted speed limits. They may even use speed to intimidate other motorists. If an irate driver passes your vehicle too quickly, he or she may inadvertently cause a collision. 

2. Offensive gesturing 

For whatever reason, motorists can become irrationally angry behind the wheel. If a driver gestures offensively or screams at you, he or she may not focus on the road. Unfortunately, whenever a driver diverts attention, the odds of having an accident increase. 

3. Tailgating 

Rear-end collisions are the most common type of automobile accidents on U.S. roadways. Always keeping a safe distance between your car and the one in front of you is an effective way to avoid a rear-end crash. As you know, though, if an irritated motorist thinks you are not driving quickly enough, he or she may tailgate your vehicle. 

4. Honking 

The horn on your car plays an important role in automotive safety. That is, you may honk to alert other drivers to your position. This may help you avoid an accident. Still, if a driver aggressively uses his or her horn, that person may be angry.

Road rage is not exactly rare on Louisiana’s roadways. If you encounter a livid driver, your chances of having an automobile collision rise. By understanding how road rage may contribute to automobile accidents, you can plan for staying safe during your commute.