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Drunk driving in the morning hours a rising concern

According to one online firm that keeps track of various auto safety statistics, a relatively new phenomenon is drunk driving accidents in the mid-morning and early afternoon hours (brunch hours). No matter what time of day they happen though, car accidents related to drunk driving are always preventable and never acceptable.

While the majority of Louisiana drunk driving accidents still happen during the overnight or evening hours, a surprising number of fatal accidents involving drunk driving, over 3,900, happened during the traditional hours for brunch. Moreover, of all fatal accidents during the brunch rush, over 1 out of 10 involved drunk drivers.

A recent analysis attributed this phenomenon, in part, to the increasing popularity of brunch, particularly among the Millennial generation. Moreover, restaurants are now routinely serving alcoholic drinks, like mimosas, as part of their brunch menus. One report said that even a generation ago, drinking at one’s mid-morning or early afternoon meal was uncommon.

For its part, in a state-by-state breakdown, Louisianans did not fare to well when it came to driving under the influence after having a few drinks at brunch. Among all the states, Louisiana ranked 16th, with over 11 percent of fatal drunk driving accidents happening during the brunch hours, that is, between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Obviously, the study may be picking up other cases of drunk driving unrelated to the modern fascination with brunch. Nonetheless, the bottom line is that in our state, drunk or drugged driving in the daylight hours is a problem.