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What are the main causes of traumatic brain injuries?

It is never fun when people in Louisiana are injured. However, some injuries are more significant than others. Often times, how an injury will affect people is determined by which body part is injured. If people break legs, they will need assistance with walking. If they break their arms, they may need assistance carrying things and performing other daily tasks. But, if they injure their brain, it can affect the entire body and make daily life very difficult.

The brain is what tells the body what to do. So, when it is injured, the messages are not being sent, and the body will not function. Traumatic brain injuries also can affect people mentally and emotionally, as well and cause psychological and social problems for people. Essentially, depending on the severity of the brain injury, people’s lives can be completely change, and sometimes, the changes are permanent.

There are many different ways that people can suffer traumatic brain injuries, but some causes are more common than others. The most common cause of traumatic brain injuries is falls. This could be falling down stairs, in the bath or many other places. Another common cause of brain injuries are car accidents.

Violence is another common cause. This includes being struck by an object, but also includes, especially in young children, being shaken. People also suffer brain injuries playing sports, among other causes.

Unfortunately, many people suffer traumatic brain injuries each year in Louisiana. These are caused in many different methods, but they all will require significant medical treatment and rehabilitation. This can be costly though.