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Crash statistics show potential for motorcycle accidents

There are many aspects of riding a motorcycle that the rider can control, such as not taking risks and making sure they are not putting themselves in dangerous positions on the road.

However, the one thing they cannot control is the other drivers on the road. Due to the size of motorcycles many other drivers on the road may not see them and, unfortunately, may hit them. There are many motorcycle crashes each year. In 2018, there were 1,626 motorcycles involved in accidents and it is projected that 1,626 people will be in motorcycle crashes in 2019. Unfortunately, 79 people lost their lives in these accidents in 2018 and 1,168 people were injured in the accidents.

As the statistics demonstrate, most motorcycle accidents result in injuries to those involved. These injuries can be very detrimental to the riders and be very costly as well. Motorcyclists who have been in an accident may not be able to work for a long period of time after the accident, which means they will lose income. Medical treatment and equipment are also very expensive and medical bills can add up quickly. If the crash was caused by another driver, the motorcyclist could be able to receive compensation to at least help pay for the financial difficulties after the accident.

While the compensation motorcyclists may be entitled to will not heal these injuries, it can still be extremely valuable and help hold the driver who caused the accident accountable for their actions. Getting the right legal information is crucial.