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Determining damages in a wrongful death lawsuit

When people die young in fatal accidents, it can be more difficult for family members since there is no time to prepare for what life may be like without the loved one around. Such an unexpected death can also be very costly for the family as well. When people are younger they can be responsible for providing financially for their family members. So, in addition to suddenly losing their love and support, the family can also suddenly lose income they rely on to meet their monthly obligations. The loss of income is also permanent, unlike when people are injured for a period of time. Over the years that lost income will add up. This can make life difficult for the family for a long period of time.

However, the surviving family members of victims of fatal accidents may be entitled to compensation if the fatal accident was caused by another party’s negligence. This compensation can include lost future income the victim would have earned. When making this determination, the jury or judge must look at the age of the victim, what they are currently earning and their future earning capacity, their health, normal life expectancy, education and many other factors. These can be complicated determinations that require the use of experts who can testify about what may occur in the future.

Many people die in fatal accidents far younger than they should. When people die in this manner, it can be difficult on the victim’s family emotionally and financially. While nothing will ever bring the loved one back, the family can at least attempt to fill the financial void through a wrongful death lawsuit.