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Physical problems caused by brain injuries

The brain is like the central control center that interacts and directs the rest of the body to perform both conscious and unconscious tasks. Of course, because the brain controls the entire body, when people suffer brain injuries it can potentially affect the entire body.

The severity of brain injuries can vary greatly, but all brain injuries can have significant effects on the body. People can suffer paralysis, uncontrollable movements, have difficulties walking, difficulty carrying objects, vision problems, difficulties with fine motor skills, loss of bowel control, chronic pain, have seizures, difficulty talking or swallowing and many other problems. Over time, some of these functions may return, but when or if that occurs varies depending on the brain injury and how it heals.

Treating these various physical problems can take time and a large amount of medical treatment. This includes potential surgeries and other inpatient procedures, and potentially years of rehabilitation. This can be very costly. However, if the brain injury occurred due to an accident caused by another party, victims may be able to receive compensation. This compensation can pay for the medical bills, loss income and other damages associated with the brain injury.

Because of how the body works, brain injuries can be particularly devastating. Recovery can be long, difficult and expensive, and some injuries can last a life time. For those who have suffered such a debilitating injury through the negligence of another, it may be possible to obtain compensation to help cover the necessary costs of care and rehabilitation.