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Did you suffer a workplace burn? Learn what to do

Few injuries are as disfiguring as burns. Worldwide, approximately 180,000 people die annually from burns they received.

The workplace and home are the two most common sites where burns occur. Even if you initially survive the burn itself, the disfigurement and lack of mobility and other social stressors caused by the burns can make you feel as if life is not worth living.

Workers in some occupations are more likely to be injured by scalds, fire, electrical and chemical burns than those in others. In some cases, inadequate safety measures and proper protocols for the management of electrical energy and liquefied petroleum gas can cause workers to get burned.

Companies should be proactive about preventing burns on the job. They can reduce incidents by introducing and remaining compliant with all industrial safety regulations.

If you are injured on the job from a burn, regardless of the type, you could have a very long road to recovery. Indeed, you may never again be able to work in that industry again. In some cases, you may never again be able to work at all.

That can be devastating, especially if you are the primary breadwinner of your family. Bills still must be paid and food must be put on the table. But if you can no longer earn a living wage, that can be enormously challenging to do.

Seeking guidance from a legal professional can clarify the options you have to seek financial redress. You can seek damages that will cover your present and future medical bills and living expenses. Your attorney can ask for additional damages for pain and suffering be added to the award or judgment from the court.