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Distracted truckers put everyone at risk

If you ever doubted that semitruck drivers who allow themselves to get distracted are a danger on the road, consider this recent case that occured in another state.

A Washington state trooper noticed that the driver of one of these big rigs was speeding agressively 17 miles over the limit. He pulled the semitruck over to write the 31-year-old driver a ticket.

Imagine his shock and surprise when he spied the cab of the truck completely fitted out with a mobile music studio. It had a drop-down microphone and its own computer designed to produce music while the trucker was tooling down the road. Then, the trooper hit the motherlode — suspected drugs.

The spokesperson for the Washington State Patrol stated that the semitruck driver admitted that he produced the music from behind the wheel of his big rig.

The driver was arrested on charges of suspicion of DUI/drugs.

While this driver clearly should not be behind the wheel of a commercial truck, there are many over-the-road truckers who engage in dangerous distracted driving behaviors all the time. Most may not even think that they are risking their own lives and jeopardizing others’ safety.

But they definitely are. It’s a sad fact that when a big rig and a much smaller passenger vehicle collide, it’s those in the smaller cars or trucks who generally are killed or severely injured.

If you got into an accident with an 18-wheeler, you may be able to file a claim for damages. The compensation you recover can pay off your medical bills and other expenses associated with the accident.