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Turn to us after a motorcycle collision with an errant driver

South Louisiana is enjoying a remarkably mild winter thus far this year. That means that many avid motorcyclists have been able to ride far more often than they normally would during the colder months.

But the problem is that many motorists aren’t used to seeing bikers are the road in winter. Moreover, they literally often do not “see” the motorcyclists even when they are right there before their eyes.

That can lead to an increased risk of collisions between motorists and motorcyclists. When these accidents occur, it typically does not bode well for the bikers.

Anyone who rides a motorcycle assumes certain risks. But those risks are magnified when distracted or oblivious drivers pay them no heed until a collision is unavoidable. Then, the results can be devastating — or even fatal.

We encourage all Terrebonne Parish bikers to exercise great caution when riding. Loud pipes aren’t just annoying to your neighbors. They could potentially save your life if they alert drivers to your presence beside them on the road.

Wearing brightly colored riding gear instead of dark leathers can draw a motorist’s eye to you, If you must wear black or other dark colors, consider donning a fluorescent yellow or orange vest over your jacket.

If you get in a motorcycle collision with an at-fault driver, you can and should hold them liable for your injuries and damages. We can help you get the justice you seek.

Filing a claim for damages and/or a personal injury lawsuit against a negligent motorist can cover your extensive medical bills and provide you with the financial assistance you need if you can no longer work.