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Brain injury victims may require expensive long-term care

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be some of the most devastating from which to recover. For some, the recovery is only partial, and they will never again be the people they were before the accident that injured them.

Brain injuries are not just challenging for the victims, but for their families and loved ones as well. The spouse they married as an equal and partner may no longer remember them or have the emotional or mental capacity of a young child. This can make the caretaking tasks even harder for loved ones to perform because they are still grieving the person they loved dearly.

Sometimes, the injuries are just too devastating for home care at all. When that is the case, the TBI victim will typically have to be placed in a residential care facility — for the duration of their lifetimes, in most cases. As one might expect, this is a very expensive proposition.

Who foots the bill for a brain injury patient’s care? Most people don’t have insurance coverage that can come anywhere close to covering the exorbitant cost of residential care and its associated therapies. Even those with top-notch insurance will usually need to pay out-of-pocket co-pays and other noncovered expenses.

That’s why it is a good idea to look into the possibility of filing a claim for damages against the person(s) or entities that were responsible for your accident and subsequent brain injuries. Any settlements or judgments can address both past and future medical needs as a result of the accident. This can give your family the much-needed financial assistance to carry on without you as a wage-earner.

We can help you determine a path forward after your traumatic brain injury.