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Emotional impacts of a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries impact every area of a victim’s life. One area that’s often difficult to understand is the emotional changes that come with this type of injury. The severity and location of the brain injury affect how the person’s emotional health and behavior change.

It can be rather challenging to deal with these changes because they can lead to the victim behaving in a much different manner than they did before the accident. Sudden mood swings can make it hard to cope with the situation.

Common emotional issues associated with TBIs

Some of the more common problems that come with a TBI include engaging in risky behavior and having verbal outbursts. Some victims might act out in a physically violent manner. They might get stuck in a negative mindset and become depressed or anxious.

Sometimes, the person will go back and forth between a wide range of emotions. Their loved ones might not know how to help them, which can lead to frustration. It can be especially difficult for children to understand what’s going on when an adult in their life goes from laughing to angry in a matter of seconds.

Finding coping methods

In more severe cases, there might be very little that can be done about the outbursts. When the brain damage impacts the area of the brain that controls emotions, primarily the frontal lobe, improvements might not be possible.

Working with a mental health professional is often helpful. You might also find that speech and occupational therapy help because the lack of abilities that some individuals face can make the mood swings and outbursts worse. Finding ways to do the things they miss doing might be beneficial.

Trying to avoid triggers might also help, but there is still a chance that mood swings will occur randomly. Certain places can make the person remember things that cause them to feel anger or frustration. When you can’t avoid them, you should work on trying to figure out how to handle the emotions that come up.

Mental health can be a costly endeavor when you’re dealing with a brain injury. This is in addition to the expenses of the physical injury and health problems.

Victims of this type of injury might opt to pursue a claim for compensation. This can reduce the financial liability of the victim and rightfully assign it to the person who caused the injury.