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The risk of riding motorcycles

There is no doubt that when you choose to ride a motorcycle that you assume a certain degree of risk. While such is true for those who ride in cars as well, the risk is much higher for motorcyclists simply because they lack the protections offered by the metal form of the car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the agency that’s tasked with compliing statistics related to motorcycle fatalities. In one recent year, they noted that there was over an 8% uptick from the year before and that 4,976 motorcyclists died in highway collisions.

The risk of being in fatal accidents that motorcycle riders assume is as much as 27 times the risk of drivers of or passengers in cars. It takes a great deal of brain function and focus to ride a motorcycle. In addition to the physical dexterity required to maneauver a big, two-wheeled cycle in and out of lanes of traffic, it also takes concentration to remain aware of potential hazards up ahead and all aroud the riders.

Everyone has their own perception of risk and danger and what trade-offs they will accept for the freedom of riding a motorcycle. But jut because you assume a certain degree of risk and personal responsibility doesn’t mean that you can’t hold negligent drivers liable for any accidents that they cause that leave you injured.

If you are going to assume the risk of riding a motorcycle, take the time to learn more about your rights to seek compensation after a motorcycle accident that was caused by a careless or negligent driver.