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Why file a wrongful death lawsuit after your spouse’s death?

You kissed your spouse good-bye for work and they headed out the door. You never dreamed that would be the last time that you ever saw them alive again.

But their morning commute took a deadly turn when an 18-wheeler attempted to make a last-minute lane change and their life ended that morning in horrific highway carnage.

Your life ended that morning as well, at least the life that you knew and shared with your spouse. Now, you are shattered and don’t know where to begin picking up the pieces of the life that you have left.

One way to start is to file a wrongful death action against the negligent truck driver who caused your loved one’s death. Focusing your grief on holding the responsible party liable for your spouse’s death and your real-life losses can be helpful on several levels.

For one, it can provide you with the compensation that you need to cover your bills after a wage earner’s death. There may also be medical bills related to the accident, including ambulance or life-flight rides, treatment in the emergency room, ICU and/or associated surgical costs for the attempts to save your loved one’s life. Then, too, are the funeral and other final expenses that you owe, which can be considerable.

But these costs don’t even scratch the surface of the damage that you as a survivor suffered. The loss of companionship of your spouse and their role as helpmate or provider to the family and your own grief and emotional losses can devastate you. You may require grief therapy and medical treatment to process your loss and carry on with parental and work duties. Filing a wrongful death lawsuit can help you get the help that you will need to find closure after a spouse’s death.