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Louisiana is home to many dangerous roads

Whether you do most of your driving right here in Terrebonne Parish or take to many of the other highways and byways in South Louisiana, it’s a given that at some point you have encountered some auto accidents on the road. In fact, you may have even been involved in one or more yourself.

As it turns out, Louisiana is home to some dangerous highways and secondary roads. Read on to learn of some of the deadliest roads in our state as of 2019.

1. Interstate 10

To no one’s great surprise, Interstate 10 is in first place with 121 fatal accidents and 136 total highway deaths. Of those totals, 39 were fatal accidents where at least one drunk driver was involved.

2. Highway 90

The No. 2 spot belongs to Highway 90. It had a total of 50 fatal accidents that claimed 52 lives. More than 20 of those fatal accidents, or 42%, involved an impaired motorist.

3. Interstate 20

Northern Louisiana also has its share of high-risk highways, as Interstate 20 racked up 49 fatal wrecks with 52 lives lost. A total of 13 of those fatal accidents involved a drunken driver.

4. Highway 190

From the Texas border to where it dead-ends in Slidell, Hwy., 190 has proven it can be a deadly road to drive. There have been a total of 48 fatal accidents on the highway, causing 54 people to lose their lives. A dozen of those accidents involved intoxicated motorists.

High number of drunk driving crashes

If you noticed that there are an alarmingly high number of fatal crashes involving alcohol usage by at least one driver, you are not alone. You also must remember that these are only the collisions that resulted in someone’s death. They do not take into consideration the many drunk-driving accidents where people get injured but survive. They also omit the incredibly high cost of damaged property resulting from accidents with impaired and intoxicated drivers.

When to seek help

If you were hurt in an accident with a drunk driver or lost a family member in a wreck with an at-fault motorist, you have the right to seek legal redress and financial compensation for your losses, injuries and other damages.