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What happens after a boating accident on Louisiana waterways?

Now that it’s summer, one popular pastime is to go boating. South Louisiana is full of lakes, rivers and bayous for recreational boaters and fishers to while away a summer afternoon with family and friends along for the ride.

But, a lot can go wrong when people go boating. A skier can hit a submerged log or wind up harmed by the boat’s propeller. People not wearing life jackets can fall overboard and drown. Two vessels can collide and cause catastrophic injuries for those aboard each boat. A storm can suddenly arise out on the lake and kick up waves big enough to swamp most recreational vessels.

While these cautionary tales shouldn’t frighten boaters from venturing out on the water, it is always prudent to exercise great caution when aboard a boat. Alcohol consumption and boating are a dangerous mix even when you are not the one at the helm of the boat.

What happens if the worst occurs and there is a collision out on the water? Operators must render aid to all who need it. In minor accidents, the two operators can exchange information and make an insurance claim.

But when damage over $500 results or someone is injured or killed, the operator has five days to make a police report. Of course, the more serious the boating accident, the more likely it is that the Coast Guard will already be involved in the rescue and recovery efforts.

Serious boating accidents typically generate personal injury lawsuits and/or wrongful death litigation from the survivors of the person who died in the collision. An attorney can be helpful when determining liability after a boating accident.