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3 ways to check in with your safety habits behind the wheel

After driving for many years, people can slip into habits that aren’t always the safest behind the wheel. For some that might include sending out texts while driving, while others that can include regularly driving over the speed limit.

There are many rules of the road, including those guided by law and courteous actions your expected to take when you share the road with others. In either case, you’d probably prefer doing a self-check of your safety routine rather than having an officer pull you over or a person honk and have road wage with you while you are stuck in traffic together.

Here are 3 ways you can keep safety in mind with every drive you take:

1) Tucking your phone away

Not only is it unlawful to text and drive in Louisiana, but it’s extremely dangerous. Using your phone distracts you from the road ahead by occupying any combination of your hands, eyes and mind. In fact, between 2011 and 2015, nearly 200 Louisianans lost their lives in distracting driving incidents.

2) Driving defensively

Defensive driving tactics often involve both thinking ahead both before leaving your driveway and before making moves on the road. Meaning you can check ahead to see if the forecast or road work might interrupt your drive. And that you drive at the speed limit or even slow down to allow enough space for the drivers around you to make moves on the roadway. As a result, driving defensively can both save you from hazards on the road and from colliding with others.

3) Opting for sober rides

It’s widely known that drinking and driving is a slippery slope. Being impaired while behind the wheel is a recipe for disaster, as you can wind up in an accident or even behind bars. It’s also important to keep in mind that being sleepy and taking certain medications can make you drowsy enough to behave like a drunk driver too. Instead of choosing to drive after drinks or when you aren’t feeling alert, it’s best to rely on family friends, rideshare services or public transportation.

Even if you don’t break the rules often, it can be that one text you allow yourself to send or the one time you decide to speed that you wind up in accident.