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Overcoming the death of a loved one

When you experience a major tragedy like the sudden death of a loved one, your whole world may feel upside down. Managing your grief is especially hard if the death happened as a result of someone else’s negligence.

If you are dealing with the impact of the death of a loved one, think about your future and that of your family and take steps to protect yourselves and heal. For some families, healing is possible through social support, counseling and healthy habits. In other situations, a wrongful death lawsuit seems inevitable.

Ways to cope with your loss

Processing loss looks different for everyone, but certain strategies that the American Psychological Association recommends are universally helpful. You might find it cathartic to talk with friends or a therapist to help you accept your feelings and emotions in this difficult time. Ensuring that you are keeping up your emotional and physical health through good eating and sleeping habits will minimize the toll on your body.

Other challenges that arise following your loss

The passing of your loved one may, in addition to the intense emotional strains, introduce financial challenges. As you are grieving, you are also attempting to process the diminished resources of your life without your loved one. For example, you must deal with the costs of the funeral and medical expenses, loss of future income, loss of potential inheritance and even loss of household services provided by your loved one. Even though it is hard to see through your grief, know that you have legal options as a surviving family member.