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What makes facial burns dangerous?

An intense facial burn may leave a permanent disfigurement and other health problems that can last the rest of your life. Not all facial burns are this severe, though. You may only suffer a mild burn that heals up in short order. Still, even a mild facial burn may leave behind a health problem that could become fatal if you are not aware of it.

You may not feel any burns inside your mouth or throat following a sudden encounter with fire. The burn may not have gotten past your lips or mouth, or so you think. The Sepsis Society explains that facial burns may penetrate deeper into your air passages without your knowledge.

Air passage damage from fire

A burn to your face can damage your air passages. This can happen due to fire spewed from chemicals, a machine or a hot stove. Even steam released from a pot can potentially burn the interior of your throat.

Even if you escape a burn to the face, a close encounter with fire may also expose you to hot air or smoke. Inhaling heated air or smoke suddenly may leave damage to your windpipe or nasal passages. This damage could manifest as breathing problems or other health issues later.

Signs of air passage problems

Following a facial burn, you might notice that your voice sounds different. You could experience issues with your breathing. You may develop a wheeze or a cough. You might even find it hard to breathe normally.

These signs may indicate a major problem with your air passages. A medical examination may reveal the extent of any damage created by a recent burn and guide you to proper treatment. If your burn was the result of negligence caused by another party, your medical treatment costs may factor into an eventual settlement.