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Louisiana paper mill accident kills one and injures two

Accidents can be just that, simply accidents that cannot be avoided. However, some accidents in Louisiana are caused by the negligence and recklessness of others. Whether it is a collision on the roadways, incident in the workplace or an accident at a public location, a victim could suffer tremendously. This is especially true when an accident involves fire, a hot substance or something that can cause burns, like electricity or chemicals. Burn injuries are severe and traumatic injuries that can leave victims in a lot of pain and a long road of recovery.

Paper mill accident causes burn injuries

A paper mill accident occurred recently in Jackson Parish. Based on reports, three contractors at the mill fell into a tank. Two of the three workers were cleaning the tank, while the third was inspecting the work of them.

Of the two workers cleaning out the tank, one came out of the tank with burn injuries. The second worker was unable to make it out of the tank and died inside the tank. The third worker that was inspecting the job fell into what is known as black liquor. This is a mix of chemicals and wood waste, which is the byproduct of the paper making process. This resulted in this contractor suffering burn injuries as well.

Overcoming burn injuries

Investigation is still ongoing regarding this incident at the Louisiana paper mill; however, it was reported that it was isolated to just the paper mill, causing no danger to the general public. It was further determined that no explosion occurred.

When a burn injury occurs, victims are often left navigating a painful recovery period. Depending on the severity of the burn and how much of one’s body is impacted, this could be a lengthy recovery process, resulting in various treatments and even the need to undergo surgery for skin grafts and reconstruction.

The losses and damages caused by a burn injury can be extensive; thus, it is imperative that victims understand their rights and options when it comes to filing a personal injury action. This civil action not only seeks to determine cause and liability of the accident, but it also focuses on making a victim whole again by securing them compensation for the losses suffered.