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Training & experience are critical to safe truck driving

Large trucks and vehicles are essential to the American economy. They help move many of the goods and products that people buy and use to sustain and improve their lives. Residents of Louisiana are likely familiar with seeking big rigs, tankers, and other large commercial vehicles on highways and roads in their communities.

However, like small personal vehicles, large trucks can be involved in dangerous motor vehicle accidents. While some truck accidents are caused by drivers of personal vehicles, many are the result of mistakes and negligence committed by truck drivers. This post introduces several factors that can contribute to truck accident fault by truck drivers and trucking companies. No part of this blog should be interpreted as legal guidance or advice.

Negligent training and lacking experience lead to truck accidents

Before a truck driver is legally allowed to operate a rig, they must obtain the proper licensure for the class of vehicle they intend to drive. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines the process of getting such a license. However, not all drivers and trucking companies ensure that their drivers are equipped with the right licenses before they allow them to get behind trucks’ wheels.

Additionally, even when truck drivers are properly licensed, they may not have adequate training or experience driving the types of vehicles they are hired to operate. Truck companies that fail to provide their drivers with sufficient instruction on safe driving may be liable for the accidents their drivers cause.

Recovering from a truck accident

Truck accidents can be deadly. They can leave victims with insurmountable medical bills and months of lost wages. They can alter the way that victims approach living their lives and the ways that they are able to interact with their loved ones. Truck accidents caused by truck drivers and trucking companies are, in some cases, adequate grounds for pursuing damage through civil litigation. Victims of truck accidents can work with knowledgeable personal injury attorneys to prepare their cases for trial.