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Brain injuries can cause damage days after initial injury

Louisiana residents look at winter as one of the best times of the year for having fun. They may travel all over the country to take part in winter sports, or they can enjoy more local activities. Unfortunately, winter is also prime season for head injuries.

Because of all of the different activities that take place during the winter as well as the type of weather that happens during winter, there’s more of an opportunity for people to get hurt and experience head and brain injuries. There are many reasons that people should take head and brain injuries seriously.

Why are head and brain injuries so serious?

Head and brain injuries are so potentially dangerous because they can cause serious and permanent neurological issues. People may fall down while sledding or skiing but not take the bumps to their heads seriously. In cases like these, people have continued on with their days only to have serious medical emergencies show up hours or even days later. Hidden head injuries essentially turn people into ticking time bombs.

There are several signs to look out for if you suffer a head or brain injury. Dizziness, problems seeing, difficulty walking, and other symptoms are all key signs that you could be dealing with an injury that’s much more serious than you realize. Another key sign that you could be dealing with a very serious injury is if you have a headache after a fall. You need to see a doctor after a fall no matter how great you think you feel. If you temporarily lose consciousness after a fall, you need to see a doctor immediately.

Who can people reach out to for information about brain injuries?

After seeking medical care, people seeking information about brain injuries may benefit by working with attorneys who practice in these types of injuries and legal cases.