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Actions that can increase the risk of a truck crash

If you spend any amount of time driving on Louisiana highways, there is a good chance that you’ll share the road with a commercial vehicle. While most commercial vehicle drivers take safety seriously, there are some who have no problem taking actions that could increase their risk of being in an accident.

Distracted driving is a serious concern

As a general rule, a truck driver is distracted when they do anything that takes their focus off of the road. For instance, a person could be distracted simply by changing the radio station, rolling down the window or programming a GPS. Other examples of distracted driving include answering a phone, eating a sandwich or looking down for an item that fell between the seats.

Driving while distracted is dangerous because it impedes a person’s ability to process information in a timely manner. Ultimately, it could render a commercial truck operator incapable of stopping, slowing down or taking other actions to avoid a crash.

Drowsy driving can also increase the risk of a crash

Typically, commercial drivers get paid by the mile, which gives them an incentive to keep working when they should be resting. Research has shown that driving after staying awake for 24 hours is as dangerous as doing so with a blood alcohol content of .10%.

Signs of fatigued driving include an inability to maintain a lane or to remember the last exit that you passed. If your vehicle is struck by a truck operated by a drowsy driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. A car accident attorney may be able to represent your interests during settlement talks or at trial.

If you are struck by a commercial vehicle, you may experience long-term head, neck or leg injuries. These injuries may make it impossible to return to work or school, and they may also make it difficult to partake in activities that you enjoyed prior to the crash. An attorney may help you obtain a favorable settlement in your personal injury case.