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The emotional aftermath of a sudden death

If you face the unexpected loss of a loved one, the emotional turmoil and shock can be overwhelming. As sudden death puts grief into motion without warning, there may be very little time to process your feelings before everything shifts.

And, when someone’s negligence causes your loved one’s death, your grief is compounded by anger.

The stages of grief

We know at some point, loved ones will pass away. However, we hope it is when they are older and live a long, fulfilling life. We expect to have time to prepare for the eventuality and say our goodbyes.

A sudden death doesn’t allow for that preparation. It is incredibly traumatic, especially if it’s a loved one that we are close to. We lose a sense of security. Our initial reaction is usually shock, disbelief, and denial.

As reality sinks in, it’s normal to feel anger, especially if it was the direct result of another person’s carelessness or misconduct. This anger can be directed towards various sources, such as the person or entity responsible for the death, the legal system, or even oneself.

You’re likely feeling deep sadness, loneliness and despair during this whole time. It’s imperative to reach out to someone, such as a grief counselor, who can provide strategies to help you cope with your sudden loss and anger.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit may result in compensation to assist you with unexpected bills and final expenses. You might be able to use some of the money to help you deal with your grief, for instance, to pay for therapy. And, while a wrongful death lawsuit and settlement won’t bring back your loved one, it could provide you with a sense of justice.