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Does the color of your vehicle matter when it comes to safety?

For some drivers, the color of the vehicle they buy isn’t really a factor at all. They have certain specifications that they are looking for – seating, horsepower, etc. But for others, color plays a big role. They know that they want to buy a sleek black luxury sedan, for example, or a bright red sports car.

But, what about looking at it from a safety perspective? Are you less likely to be involved in an accident if you buy a certain color vehicle?

White cars are the safest

According to some studies, color does play a big role, and white cars are about 12% safer. There’s a notable reduction in accidents. This doesn’t mean that accidents don’t happen, as people do get injured while driving vehicles of any color. But from a statistical standpoint, those in white vehicles are safer than those in black, gray or dark blue vehicles.

The biggest reason here is just visibility. You can think of it similarly to a motorcycle. Riders on black motorcycles are much more likely to be overlooked, so it is often recommended that they wear high-visibility helmets. In the same way, a black or gray car is more likely to blend into the road, especially at dusk. A white car stands out just a little bit more, so it is less likely that another driver will cut the vehicle off or make another serious error.

Even so, regardless of the color of your vehicle, you could be injured if someone else drives negligently and causes a crash. Be sure you know how to seek financial compensation for your losses if that happens.