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Safety tips for cyclists this summer

Cyclists face extreme risks when they have to share the road with motorists. Bike vs. car accidents happen every day, and cyclists are much more likely to be injured than people in other vehicles. Even if the cyclist has a bike helmet, they just don’t have that much protection in the event of a collision.

As such, it’s important for cyclists to focus on safety every time they ride. If you are a cyclist, your goal should be doing whatever you can to lower the odds that you’ll be involved in an accident – even one that isn’t your fault.

Steps you can take

Below are just a few steps you can take to increase your safety on the roads as you cycle this summer:

  1. Use strobe lights on your bike. Flashing LED strobe lights increase your visibility, even during the day. 
  2. Wear bright clothing. Choose colors like orange, red or high-visibility yellow instead of gray or black. 
  3. Always ride with traffic. Do not ride against traffic and do not ride on the sidewalks. 
  4. Follow the rules of the road. Stop properly at stop signs or traffic lights, for example. 
  5. Be a defensive rider. Expect to encounter aggressive drivers, especially when they’re trying to pass. Take steps to distance yourself from these dangerous drivers and anticipate their mistakes.

These tips can help you, especially when it comes to increasing your visibility, as many accidents happen when drivers say they didn’t see cyclists. However, accidents can and do happen, even if you take these steps. If another driver causes an accident leading to your injuries, then you may need to know how to seek compensation for medical bills, lost wages and much more.