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Burn Injuries Archives

Burn injuries can cause physical and emotional damage

Burns are fairly common injuries, that most Louisianans have experienced at one time or another. Burn injuries are classified in four ways: first-degree, second-degree, third-degree and fourth-degree. Most people have suffered at least one first-degree burn in their lives, for example, by touching a hot stove or experiencing a minor sunburn. These burns cause the skin to become red and are painful, but they usually heal on their own in a few days.

Serious burn injuries are all too common in the U.S.

A person in Louisiana might get a minor burn from now to then, for example, by taking something out of the oven or getting a minor sunburn. While these burns may be treatable at home, it is possible to suffer a serious burn injury that requires hospitalization. And, unfortunately, serious burn injuries are all too common in the United States.

What types of burn injuries could one suffer in the workplace?

Sometimes, a person is burned while at home, perhaps, by touching a hot stove or receiving an electrical shock when replacing a light fixture. However, the home is not the only place where burn injuries can occur. People in Louisiana suffer burns in the workplace. There a variety of burns a person could suffer while on-the-job.

Burn injuries caused by backyard fire pits are on the rise

Outdoor heaters and backyard fire pits are very popular these days in Louisiana and nationwide. It is relaxing to watch the sun set next to a fire, and children enjoy roasting marshmallows. People may think that fire pits are safe, as the fire is contained in the pit. However, The Consumer Products Safety Commission reports that in 2017, at least 5,3000 people were sent to the emergency room with injuries caused by outdoor heaters or fire pits. In 2008 that number sat at just 1,900 injuries.

What are some common causes of burn injuries?

Most people in Louisiana have had a minor burn at some point in their lives. Perhaps they accidentally touched a hot pan in the oven, or they stayed outside too long and got a sunburn. These minor burns are everyday occurrences, but there are some common causes of more severe burns that vary based on the age of the burn victim.

Serious complications could arise from burn injuries

Most people in Houma have suffered some sort of minor burn during their lifetime. For example, a person could burn themselves taking something hot out of the oven, or they may get a sunburn from staying outside too long. These minor burns usually do not require much special treatment, and heal fairly quickly.

How are serious burn injuries treated?

When a person in Houma, Louisiana suffers a serious burn, their treatment can take months. Not only is the treatment for burn injuries a lengthy one, but it can also be incredibly painful. When treating a serious burn, the focus is on keeping the victim as pain-free as possible, get rid of tissue that has died, keeping the burn from becoming infected and creating scars, helping the burn victim regain their ability to function and attending to the victim's emotions following the burn.

Chemical burn injuries can have long-lasting effects

People in Houma can be exposed to dangerous chemicals in a variety of ways. They may work at jobs which involve handling dangerous chemicals, or they may even be exposed to dangerous chemicals in the home, for example, in certain cleaning agents. However, should a person be negligently exposed to a dangerous chemical and suffer a chemical burn, the situation can be very serious.

Child suffers burn injuries from 'Hatchimals' bath bomb

This time of year, parents in Louisiana are scouring the stores and Internet for this year's "must have" toys. One popular toy this holiday season are "Hatchimals" toys and other "Hatchimals" products. Parents, of course, expect that the toys they buy for their children to use are safe. However, one child was reportedly as suffering chemical burns after taking a bath with a "Hatchimals" bath bomb.

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