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Statistics show texting and driving a growing concern

Recent statistics suggest that, despite efforts on the part of law enforcement, texting and driving may be a growing concern in Louisiana.

According to the report, authorities are expecting that there will be at least 15 fatalities on the roads due to the use of a cell phone. This projected number is more than double the 7 fatalities attributed to cellular phone use in 2018. Additionally, experts are expecting there will be 3 fatalities because of other electronic devices this year.

Overall, authorities expect at least 39 fatal accidents on Louisiana’s roads this year that will in some way be attributable to distracted driving. If this estimate holds, it will represent a sharp increase over the number of fatal accidents related to distracted driving in 2018, which stood at 28.

Interestingly, many deadly distracting driving accidents have nothing to do with electronic devices. For instance, in 2019, authorities are estimating 13 fatal accidents will happen because of some sort of distraction outside of the driver’s vehicle.

An example of this type of distraction would include rubbernecking at the scene of an accident or paying more attention to signs along the road than to the road itself.

Likewise, authorities are estimating 8 fatal accidents due to various in-car distractions aside from cellular phones and computers. In-car distractions can include a number of things, including the radio, one’s coffee or even another passenger.

Cell phones or otherwise, drivers in the Houma area should not allow anything to draw their eyes or minds from the road. If they do, and cause a fatal accident as a result, compensation may be available to them via a wrongful death cause of action.