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Should your child get treatment at the ER after a head injury?

Parents of active children can sometimes feel as if their second home is the emergency room (ER). From sprains and fractures to concussions, it seems as if kids are always banging themselves up and needing medical attention.

But with injuries to the head, it can be challenging to know when you should seek medical treatment and when it is all right for them to recuperate at home.

Drowning deaths real problem for Louisiana toddlers

One of the hardest things for parents to cope with is the loss of a child. When that child dies by drowning, it is especially hard to bear because the death was often completely preventable.

Louisiana children are particularly susceptible to drowning, unfortunately. In comparison to the 2.5 drowning deaths of young children per 100,000 across the nation during the years 2014 to 2017, Louisiana kids of the same age averaged 5.8 drowning deaths per 100,000 children. In fact, for that demographic group during the last decade, drowning eclipsed deaths in our state from suffocation, gunshots, fires or car accidents.

The risk of riding motorcycles

There is no doubt that when you choose to ride a motorcycle that you assume a certain degree of risk. While such is true for those who ride in cars as well, the risk is much higher for motorcyclists simply because they lack the protections offered by the metal form of the car.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the agency that's tasked with compliing statistics related to motorcycle fatalities. In one recent year, they noted that there was over an 8% uptick from the year before and that 4,976 motorcyclists died in highway collisions.

Brain injury victims may require expensive long-term care

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can be some of the most devastating from which to recover. For some, the recovery is only partial, and they will never again be the people they were before the accident that injured them.

Brain injuries are not just challenging for the victims, but for their families and loved ones as well. The spouse they married as an equal and partner may no longer remember them or have the emotional or mental capacity of a young child. This can make the caretaking tasks even harder for loved ones to perform because they are still grieving the person they loved dearly.

Know what to do after a boating accident in Louisiana

As the weather gets warmer each spring, Louisiana residents take to the waterways in their boats. Whether it's the love of fishing or sailing or just bobbing over the waves on a sunny day, recreational boating is a fun pastime for many in the Bayou State.

But if there are more people out in boats on the water, the risk of a boating accident increases markedly. That's why it is important to understand boaters' responsibilities after a collision or other accident on the water.

Did you suffer a chemical burn at work?

The many petrochemical plants that dot both sides of the Mississippi River corridor from Baton Rouge to New Orleans provide a good living to many residents in the nearby parishes. But those same plants can produce catastrophic injuries when there are accidental releases and other problems. One of the possible consequences of an accident at a petrochemical plant is chemical burns to the workers.

Chemical burns can cause devastating injuries to those who wind up getting splashed by the caustic substances. It might immediately be evident that you are burned. But less caustic (but still dangerous) substances may burn you more insidiously. It might take several hours to notice the damage to your skin.

Emotional impacts of a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries impact every area of a victim's life. One area that's often difficult to understand is the emotional changes that come with this type of injury. The severity and location of the brain injury affect how the person's emotional health and behavior change.

It can be rather challenging to deal with these changes because they can lead to the victim behaving in a much different manner than they did before the accident. Sudden mood swings can make it hard to cope with the situation.

Do you have grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit?

It's hard to accept the death of a loved one even if you know that it has been expected. But when a death happens suddenly as a result of another person's negligence, it can be even harder to accept the loss.

It is the latter type of cases from which wrongful death lawsuits typically arise. But not every death from negligence may meet the wrongful death litigation criteria, which are:

  • The person (decedent) has indeed died
  • Another person's intentional actions or negligence caused their death
  • The survivors experience some monetary losses as a consequence of their loved one's death
  • A personal representative was appointed to represent the decedent's estate

Beware of inclement weather conditions this Mardi Gras

As we head into the Mardi Gras weekend preceding Fat Tuesday, the weather conditions remain a bit iffy. There was so much concern over the rain and high winds this week that New Orleans city officials wouldn't let any of the Thursday night parades roll.

While those parades have been rescheduled to roll during the already jam-packed Carnival weekend, South Louisiana revelers should understand the impact that inclement weather can have on their Mardi Gras fun.

Distracted truckers put everyone at risk

If you ever doubted that semitruck drivers who allow themselves to get distracted are a danger on the road, consider this recent case that occured in another state.

A Washington state trooper noticed that the driver of one of these big rigs was speeding agressively 17 miles over the limit. He pulled the semitruck over to write the 31-year-old driver a ticket.

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