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December 2019 Archives

Determining damages in a wrongful death lawsuit

When people die young in fatal accidents, it can be more difficult for family members since there is no time to prepare for what life may be like without the loved one around. Such an unexpected death can also be very costly for the family as well. When people are younger they can be responsible for providing financially for their family members. So, in addition to suddenly losing their love and support, the family can also suddenly lose income they rely on to meet their monthly obligations. The loss of income is also permanent, unlike when people are injured for a period of time. Over the years that lost income will add up. This can make life difficult for the family for a long period of time.

What are the different degrees of burn injuries?

One type of injury that can be both painful and have major effects on people's lives is a burn injury. These can happen in many different ways and include both those caused by fire or other extremely hot objects, as well as chemical burns. Like other injuries, burn injuries can vary in severity.

Physical problems caused by brain injuries

The brain is like the central control center that interacts and directs the rest of the body to perform both conscious and unconscious tasks. Of course, because the brain controls the entire body, when people suffer brain injuries it can potentially affect the entire body.

Trucking fatalities reach a 29-year high

Sharing the road with commercial trucks makes many Louisiana motorists uneasy, and if you count yourself among them, know that your concerns are not unfounded. According to, while the overall number of road fatalities in the United States declined in recent years, the number of fatalities stemming from crashes involving commercial trucks has actually gone up.

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